RadioGraphics Editorial Board

Editorial board members begin as peer reviewers for RadioGraphics manuscripts and are generally imaging subspecialists who are very knowledgeable in the clinical and research aspects of their subspecialties. Since RadioGraphics articles are review and educational in nature, an extensive knowledge of the imaging literature is also essential. Review, literature search, and comments for the Editor usually take 3-5 hours for the average manuscript.

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Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Editor
Burlington, VT

William W. Olmsted, MD, Editor Emeritus
Potomac, MD

John Eng, MD, Associate Editor/Informatics
Cockeysville, MD

Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD, Assoc Editor/Practice Policy/Quality Initiatives
Boston, MA

TBA, Consultant to the Editor
Oak Brook, IL

David J. DiSantis, MD, Chair/Abdominal Imaging
Jacksonville, FL

Christine O. Menias, MD, Assistant Chair/Abdominal Imaging
Phoenix, AZ

Ermelinda Bonaccio, MD, Chair/Breast Imaging
Amherst, NY

Catherine S. Giess, MD, Assistant Chair/Breast Imaging
Wellesley, MA

Robert C. Gilkeson, MD, Chair/Cardiac Imaging
Cleveland, OH

Konstantin Nikolaou, MD, Assistant Chair/Cardiac Imaging
Tuebingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg germany

Gerald F. Abbott, MD, Chair/Chest Imaging
Boston, MA

Edith M. Marom, MD, Assistant Chair/Chest Imaging
Tel Aviv, israel

Mark D. Murphey, MD, Member/Exhibits from the AIRP Archives
Silver Spring, MD

Judy Yee, MD, Chair/Gastrointestinal Imaging
San Francisco, CA

Laura R. Carucci, MD, Assistant Chair/Gastrointestinal Imaging
Midlothian, VA

Brent J. Wagner, MD, Chair/Genitourinary Imaging
Reading, PA

Steven C. Eberhardt, MD, Assistant Chair/Genitourinary Imaging
Albuquerque, NM

Mahadevappa Mahesh, MS, PhD, Chair/Imaging Physics
Baltimore, MD

Andrew D. Maidment, PhD, Assistant Chair/Imaging Physics
Philadelphia, PA

Bettina Siewert, MD, Chair/Multisystem Radiology
Brookline, MA

Ihab R. Kamel, MD, PhD, Assistant Chair/Multisystem Radiology
Baltimore, MD

Kirkland W. Davis, MD, Chair/Musculoskeletal Imaging
Madison, WI

Laura W. Bancroft, MD, Assistant Chair/Musculoskeletal Imaging
Orlando, FL

Laurie A. Loevner, MD, Chair/Neurologic/Head and Neck Imaging
Philadelphia, PA

Achala S. Vagal, MD, Assistant Chair/Neurologic/Head and Neck Imaging
Mason, OH

Richard K. Brown, MD, Chair/Nuclear Medicine/Molecular Imaging
Ann Arbor, MI

Murray D. Becker, MD, PhD, Assistant Chair/Nuclear Medicine/Molecular Imaging
East Brunswick, NJ

Harris L. Cohen, MD, Chair/Pediatric Imaging
Memphis, TN

Paul S. Babyn, MD, Assistant Chair/Pediatric Imaging
Saskatoon, SK canada

Charles R. Thomas Jr, MD, Chair/Radiation Oncology
Portland, OR

Clifton D. Fuller, MD, PhD, Assistant Chair/Radiation Oncology
Houston, TX

Jennifer A. Harvey, MD, Chair/Resident and Fellow Education
Charlottesville, VA

Sanjeev Bhalla, MD, Assistant Chair/Resident and Fellow Education
Saint Louis, MO

Felipe Munera, MD, Chair/Trauma/Emergency Radiology
Key Biscayne, FL

Stephan W. Anderson, MD, Assistant Chair/Trauma/Emergency Radiology
Cambridge, MA

Clayton K. Trimmer, DO, Chair/Vascular/Interventional Radiology
Irving, TX

Jorge E. Lopera, MD, Assistant Chair/Vascular/Interventional Radiology
San Antonio, TX

Mindy M. Horrow, MD, Chair/Women's Imaging
Philadelphia, PA

Carol A. Hulka, MD, Assistant Chair/Women's Imaging
Wayland, MA

Thaddeus A. Wilson, PhD, Contributing Editor/AAPM/RSNA Physics Tutorials
Memphis, TN

Darcy J. Wolfman, MD, Contributing Editor/AIRP Best Cases
Washington, DC

William A. Murphy Jr, MD, Contributing Editor/Scenes from the Past
Houston, TX

Richard S. Heilman, MD, Contributing Editor/Socioeconomic/Practice Corner
Burlington, VT

Mary C. Mahoney, MD, Board Liaison
Cincinnati, OH

Jeremy Nielsen , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL