Publications Council

Responsible for (a) monitoring all existing RSNA publication programs; (b) exploring new concepts in publication; and (c) coordinating publishing efforts to achieve the best utilization of RSNA resources.

Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Chair
Williston, VT

Shadpour Demehri, MD, Member
Baltimore, MD

Brian S. Kuszyk, MD, Member
Greenville, NC

Matthew D. McInnes, MD, PhD, Member
Ottawa, ON canada

Mihra S. Taljanovic, MD, PhD, Member
Tucson, AZ

Bien Soo Tan, FRCR, MBBS, Member
Singapore, singapore

Wendy Tu, MD, Member
Edmonton, AB canada

Mylene T. Truong, MD, Daily Bulletin Editorial Board Chair
Houston, TX

John Eng, MD, Radiology Informatics Committee Chair
Cockeysville, MD

TBA, RSNA News Editorial Board Chair
Oak Brook, IL

Stephen D. Brown, MD, RSNA News Editorial Board Chair
Boston, MA

Christine O. Menias, MD, Editor, RadioGraphics
Phoenix, AZ

Linda Moy, MD, Editor, Radiology
New York, NY

Suhny Abbara, MD, Editor, RY Cardiothoracic
Dallas, TX

Charles E. Kahn Jr, MD, MS, Editor, RY Artificial Intelligence
Philadelphia, PA

Gary D. Luker, MD, Editor, RY Imaging Cancer
Ann Arbor, MI

Mariam Moshiri, MD, Editor, Case Collection
Brentwood, TN

Mark G. Watson, Executive Director
Oak Brook, IL

Angela Colmone , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL