RSNA News Editorial Board

Responsible for (a) providing general editorial direction for the magazine; (b) reviewing the content plans; (c) suggesting areas of interest for articles; and (d) reviewing and approving articles prior to publication.

Vahid Yaghmai, MD, Chairman
Chicago, IL

Tammie S. Benzinger, MD, PhD, Member
Saint Louis, MO

Stephen D. Brown, MD, Member
Boston, MA

Carlo Catalano, MD, Member
Rome, RM italy

Adam E. Flanders, MD, Member
Philadelphia, PA

Daniel A. Hamstra, MD, PhD, Member
Dearborn, MI

Ana P. Lourenco, MD, Member
Providence, RI

Martin Torriani, MD, Member
Boston, MA

Lucy Lester, MD, Member/Resident
Chicago, IL

Andrew D. Chung, MD, Member CAR
Kingston, ON canada

Theresa C. McLoud, MD, R&E Foundation Contributing Editor
Boston, MA

Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Board Liaison
Burlington, VT

Marijo Millette , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL