Radiology Informatics Council (RIC)

Responsible for (a) promoting education and research regarding critical emerging technologies and digital imaging and health care information systems; and (b) fostering cooperation among the imaging professions and industries to drive innovation and advance the quality and efficiency of patient care through technology. Member duties: advising RSNA staff regarding emerging data technologies in medical imaging; becoming involved in project-focused subcommittees is encouraged

John Eng, MD, Chair
Cockeysville, MD

Elmar C. Kotter, MD, PhD, Member
Freiburg Im Breisgau, germany

Nina E. Kottler, MD, MS, Member
San Diego, CA

Matthew P. Lungren, MD, Member
Palo Alto, CA

Matthew B. Morgan, MD, Member
Sandy, UT

George L. Shih, MD, MS, Member
New York, NY

Carol C. Wu, MD, Member
Houston, TX

Stacy D. O'Connor, MD, MPH, Member at Large
Carrboro, NC

Tara A. Retson, MD, PhD, Member/Resident
San Diego, CA

Paul E. Kinahan, PhD, AAPM Liaison
Seattle, WA

Po-Hao Chen, MD, MBA, Chair, Informatics Policy Subcmte
Cleveland, OH

Christopher J. Roth, MD, Chair, IHE Subcmte
Durham, NC

Safwan Halabi, MD, Chair, Machine Learning Data Standards Subcmte
Chicago, IL

Marta E. Heilbrun, MD, MS, Chair, Structured Reporting Subcmte
Murray, UT

Marc D. Kohli, MD, Co-Chair, CDE Steering Subcmte
San Francisco, CA

Ross W. Filice, MD, RadLex Steering Chair
Washington, DC

Krishna Juluru, MD, Assoc Ed/Informatics, RG Ed Board
Silver Spring, MD

Charles E. Kahn Jr, MD, MS, Editor, RY Artificial Intelligence
Philadelphia, PA

Kenneth C. Wang, MD, PhD, Co-Chair, LOINC/RADLEX Subcmte
Ellicott City, MD

Kenneth C. Wang, MD, PhD, Co-Chair, 3D Printing Data Registry
Ellicott City, MD

John Mongan, MD, PhD, Chair, Machine Learning Steering Subcmte
San Francisco, CA

Adam E. Flanders, MD, Board Liaison
Philadelphia, PA

Chris Carr , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL