Education Council

Responsible for (a) establishing priorities for educational materials and products; (b) monitoring existing education programs; (c) exploring new concepts in education; (d) coordinating educational activities at the RSNA annual meeting, courses outside the annual meeting, and distance learning resources; (e) consulting with editors at their request; and (f) reviewing policy and making recommendations to the RSNA Board.

Matthew A. Mauro, MD, Chairman
Chapel Hill, NC

Jocelyn D. Chertoff, MD, Member
Lebanon, NH

Alvaro Huete Garin, MD, Member
Santiago, chile

Elizabeth George, MD, Member/Resident
San Francisco, CA

Erik M. Velez, MD, Member/Resident
Los Angeles, CA

Iain D. Kirkpatrick, MD, Member CAR
Winnipeg, MB canada

JoAnn Isabella Prisciandaro, PhD, AAPM Liaison
Ann Arbor, MI

Donald J. Flemming, MD, Education Committee Chairman
Hershey, PA

Janet E. Bailey, MD, Education Committee Vice-Chairman
Ann Arbor, MI

Christine O. Menias, MD, Education Exhibits Committee Chairman
Phoenix, AZ

Scott D. Steenburg, MD, Education Exhibits Committee Vice-Chairman
Indianapolis, IN

Tanya J. Rath, MD, Education Exhibits Awards Committee Chairman
Scottsdale, AZ

Vincent M. Mellnick, MD, Education Exhibits Awards Committee Vice-Chairman
Saint Louis, MO

Charles E. Kahn Jr, MD, Radiology Informatics Committee Chairman
Philadelphia, PA

John Eng, MD, Radiology Informatics Committee Vice-Chairman
Cockeysville, MD

Laura W. Bancroft, MD, Refresher Course Committee Chairman
Venice, FL

Zhen J. Wang, MD, Scientific Program Committee Chairman
San Francisco, CA

Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Editor, RadioGraphics
Burlington, VT

Christine O. Menias, MD, Editor Designate, RadioGraphics
Phoenix, AZ

David A. Bluemke, MD, PhD, Editor, Radiology
Madison, WI

Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD, Liaison for Science
Atlanta, GA

Mark G. Watson, Executive Director
Oak Brook, IL

Annette Savage , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL