RSNA/ACR Common Data Element Committee/RIC

Responsible for overseeing creation, publication, maintenance, and adoption of a set of radiology-specific CDEs for reporting, decision support, and other applications including (a) overseeing contributions to the library of CDEs ; (b) overseeing the website ; (c) defining the format and data model that CDEs will conform to ; (d) organizing and providing direction to subspecialty working groups to develop CDEs within their respective domains ; and (e) approving the incorporation of each new data element in the CDE library. Member duties: participating in CDE subspecialty working groups when necessary (i.e. Neuro CDE workgroup); advising RSNA staff on emerging technologies in medical ontologies and standards; participating in the planning of CDE demonstrations during the annual meeting including engagement with industry leaders and vendors

Marc D. Kohli, MD, Co-Chair
San Francisco, CA

Namita S. Gandhi, MD, MSc, Vice Co-Chair
Cleveland, OH

Patricia Balthazar, MD, Member
Atlanta, GA

Daniel L. Rubin, MD, MS, Member
Stanford, CA

Kenneth C. Wang, MD, PhD, Member
Ellicott City, MD

Judy W. Gichoya, MBChB, MS, Member at Large
Atlanta, GA

Jacob J. Visser, MD, PhD, Member at Large
Rotterdam, netherlands

Daniel J. Vreeman, MS, Member at Large
Research Triangle Park, NC

Adam E. Flanders, MD, Board Liaison
Philadelphia, PA

Chris Carr , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL