White Paper and Position Statement Response Cmte

Responding to the requests for RSNA-representative authors and endorsement of white papers, position statements and guidelines. The committee’s charge does not include drafting or development of RSNA white papers, statements, or guidelines. • Establish and maintain criteria for RSNA participation in and/or endorsement of white papers, statement, and guidelines. • Evaluate requests and make recommendations to the RSNA Board based as needed. • Identify potential authors in response to external requests. • Identify expert peer reviewers and facilitate topic-specific peer review of white papers, statements, and guidelines submitted to RSNA for endorsement. • Liaise with external requestors to coordinate collaborative efforts in accordance with timelines. • Responds to requests on an as needed basis.

Mary S. Newell, MD, Chair
Atlanta, GA

Jenny K. Hoang, MBA, MBBS, Member
Owings Mills, MD

William W. Mayo-Smith, MD, Member
Weston, MA

Ashley E. Prosper, MD, Member
Los Angeles, CA

Umar Mahmood, MD, PhD, Board Liaison
Winchester, MA

Bridget Krause , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL