Annual Meeting Program Planning Committee

AMPPC is responsible for (a) developing and recommending to the Education Council an overall education strategic plan for the annual meeting; (b) implementing long-term and short-term program planning and coordination for the annual meeting; (c) reviewing annual meeting format and evaluating and making recommendations for course offerings and new course topics; (d) developing and administering guidelines for retiring courses and/or refresher course tracks; (e) determining appropriate amount of redundancy in course topics; (f) developing and soliciting innovative delivery formats; (g) evaluating and approving programming requests from other RSNA committees (RFC, PIC, RIC, etc); (h) recommending education course formats annually (case-based, essentials); (i) reviewing and recommending policies, including guidelines and procedures to prevent use of plagiarized material; (j) considering complaints regarding unauthorized use of content; and (k) developing suggestions for hot topics as well as plenary topics and speakers for consideration by the Board The AMPPC oversees the Education Exhibits Award Committee (EEAC) and 18 subspecialty subcommittees that coordinate all programming across the annual meeting in the designated specialty and are responsible for (l) administering the education exhibits program; (m) organzing curriculum and selecting faculty for invited education courses; (n) building the mixed science/education program; (o) administering the science program, soliciting new content and presenters as appropriate; (p) developing invited lecturer presentations with consideration of diversity of faculty; and (q) implementing/incorporating new course formats, guidelines, and policies identified by the AMPPC

Kate Hanneman, MD, MPH, Chair
Toronto, ON canada

Heba Albasha, MD, Resident and Fellow Committee Chair
Cambridge, MA

Stamatia V. Destounis, MD, Breast Imaging Subcommittee Chair
Rochester, NY

Karen G. Ordovas, MD, MS, Cardiac Imaging Subcommittee Chair
Seattle, WA

Ioannis Vlahos, FRCR, MBBS, Chest Imaging Subcommittee Chair
Houston, TX

Manickam Kumaravel, MD, FRCR, Emergency Radiology Subcommittee Chair
Houston, TX

Courtney C. Moreno, MD, Gastrointestinal Imaging Subcommittee Chair
Sandy Springs, GA

Antonio C. Westphalen, MD, PhD, Genitourinary Imaging Subcommittee Chair
Kirkland, WA

Hillary R. Kelly, MD, Head & Neck Imaging Subcommittee Chair
Boston, MA

Christopher J. Roth, MD, Imaging Informatics Subcommittee Chair
Durham, NC

Rony Avritscher, MD, Interventional Radiology Subcommittee Chair
Houston, TX

Margarita V. Revzin, MD, MS, Multisystem Subcommittee Chair
Wilton, CT

Linda Probyn, MD, Musculoskeletal Imaging Subcommittee Chair
Toronto, ON canada

Achala S. Vagal, MD, Neuroradiology Subcommittee Chair
Cincinnati, OH

Vinay Prabhu, MD, MS, Noninterp Skills (Beyond Imaging) Subcmte Chr
Brooklyn, NY

Don C. Yoo, MD, Nuclear Med & Molecular Imaging Subcmte Chair
Lexington, MA

Andrea S. Doria, MD, PhD, Pediatric Imaging Subcommittee Chair
Toronto, ON canada

Lifeng Yu, PhD, Physics Subcommittee Chair
Rochester, MN

Anna Shapiro, MD, Radiation Oncology Subcommittee Chair
Syracuse, NY

Liina Poder, MD, OB/Gynecology Subcmte Chair
Mill Valley, CA

Mitesh Trivedi, MD, Education Council Chair
Avon, CT

Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhD, Science Council Chair
Atlanta, GA

Nicholas S. Burris, MD, Vascular Imaging Subcommittee Chair
Ann Arbor, MI

Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD, Liaison for Science
Los Angeles, CA

Sanjeev Bhalla, MD, Board Liaison
Saint Louis, MO

Annette Savage , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL