Case Collection Editorial Board

Editorial board members begin as peer reviewers. Submitting your name for consideration will add you to a pool of candidates for peer reviewers. High performers will be considered for Deputy Editor positions on the Editorial Board. Deputy Editors function as the advisers/assistants to the Editor in selecting cases for addition to the case repository based on the recommendations of peer review panels. Member Duties/Responsibilities: reviewing manuscripts and preparing detailed comments for the Editor and the authors

Mariam Moshiri, MD, Editor
Brentwood, TN

Kush R. Desai, MD, Deputy Editor
Chicago, IL

Saeed Elojeimy, MD, PhD, Deputy Editor
Charleston, SC

Yiming Gao, MD, Deputy Editor
New York, NY

Keyanoosh Hosseinzadeh, MD, Deputy Editor
Winston Salem, NC

Douglas S. Katz, MD, Deputy Editor
Mineola, NY

Manickam Kumaravel, MD, FRCR, Deputy Editor
Houston, TX

Catherine R. Phillips, MD, Deputy Editor
Nashville, TN

Christopher Walker, MD, Deputy Editor
Fairway, KS

Xin Wu, MD, Deputy Editor
San Francisco, CA

Claudio Silva, MD, MBA, Deputy Editor/International
Santiago, chile

Edward Y. Lee, MD, MPH, Deputy Editor/Pediatrics
Boston, MA

Bruno Hochhegger, PhD, Asst Editor/International
Gainesville, FL

Musturay Karcaaltincaba, MD, Asst Editor/International
Ankara, turkey

Federica Vernuccio, MD, Asst Editor/International
Padova, PD italy

Aaron M. Rutman, MD, Associate Editor/Education

Sarah Bastawrous, DO, Associate Editor/Social Media
Seattle, WA

Mona M. El Khoury, MD, Asst Editor/Breast Imaging
Montreal, QC canada

Michelle V. Lee, MD, Asst Editor/Breast Imaging
Saint Louis, MO

Benoit D. Mesurolle, MD, Asst Editor/Breast Imaging
Clermont-Ferrand, france

Kimberly M. Ray, MD, Asst Editor/Breast Imaging
San Francisco, CA

Cameron Hassani, MD, Asst Editor/Chest Imaging
Los Angeles, CA

Christine M. Rehwald, MD, Asst Editor/Education
Seattle, WA

Brent D. Weinberg, MD, PhD, Asst Editor/Education
Atlanta, GA

Abdullah Alabousi, MD, Asst Editor/Gastrointestinal Imaging
Burlington, ON canada

Javad R. Azadi, MD, Asst Editor/Gastrointestinal Imaging
Baltimore, MD

Akshay D. Baheti, MD, Asst Editor/Gastrointestinal Imaging
Mumbai, Maharashtra india

Bari Dane, MD, Asst Editor/Gastrointestinal Imaging
New York, NY

Clint W. Sliker, MD, Asst Editor/Gastrointestinal Imaging
Baltimore, MD

Ayman H. Gaballah, MD, FRCR, Asst Editor/Genitourinary Imaging
Columbia, MO

Aman Khurana, MD, Asst Editor/Genitourinary Imaging
Lexington, KY

Jonathan Revels, DO, Asst Editor/Genitourinary Imaging
Albuquerque, NM

Sherry S. Wang, FRANZCR, MBBS, Asst Editor/Genitourinary Imaging
Rochester, MN

Osmanuddin Ahmed, MD, Asst Editor/Interventional Radiology
Northbrook, IL

Andrew J. Gunn, MD, Asst Editor/Interventional Radiology
Vestavia Hills, AL

Jennifer Montgomery, MD, PhD, Asst Editor/Interventional Radiology
Cleveland, OH

Haitham K. Awdeh, MD, Asst Editor/Musculoskeletal Imaging
Houston, TX

Pritish Bawa, MD, Asst Editor/Musculoskeletal Imaging
Houston, TX

Beth Vettiyil, MD, Asst Editor/Musculoskeletal Imaging
Farmville, VA

TBA, Asst Editor/Neuroradiology
Oak Brook, IL

Laila S. Alshafai, MD, Asst Editor/Neuroradiology
Toronto, ON canada

Michael J. Hoch, MD, Asst Editor/Neuroradiology
Philadelphia, PA

JoAnne Rispoli, MD, Asst Editor/Neuroradiology
Boston, MA

Gagandeep Choudhary, MD, MBBS, Asst Editor/Nuclear Medicine
Portland, OR

Khushboo Gupta, MD, Asst Editor/Nuclear Medicine
Little Rock, IL

Nadine Mallak, MD, Asst Editor/Nuclear Medicine
Portland, OR

Apeksha Chaturvedi, MD, Asst Editor/Pediatric Imaging
Rochester, NY

Thierry Huisman, MD, PhD, Asst Editor/Pediatric Imaging
Houston, TX

George S. Wu, MD, Asst Editor/Pediatric Imaging
Danville, PA

Mary R. Wyers, MD, Asst Editor/Pediatric Imaging
Chicago, IL

Steven S. Chua, MD, PhD, Asst Editor/Women's Imaging
Houston, TX

Cinthia Cruz, MD, Asst Editor/Women's Imaging
Newton, MA

Haithuy N. Nguyen, MD, Asst Editor/Women's Imaging
Los Angeles, CA

Richa D. Patel, MD, Associate Editor/RCC TEB
Palo Alto, CA

Megan K. Mercer, MD, Asst Editor/RCC TEB
Charleston, SC

Simone Vicini, MD, Asst Editor/RCC TEB
Latina, LT italy

Sophie L. Washer, MD, Asst Editor/RCC TEB
New York, NY

Matheus Zanon, MD, MSc, Asst Editor/RCC TEB
Porto Alegre, RS brazil

Benjamin Vega, MD, Asst Editor/RCC TEB SoM
Columbia, MO

Sanjeev Bhalla, MD, Board Liaison
Saint Louis, MO

Rebecca Murray , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL