R&E Education Grant Oversight Committee

Provide Oversight of the R&E Foundation Education Innovation Grant and Education Development Grant Awards

Stephen Chan, MD, MBA, Chair
Closter, NJ

Ronald L. Arenson, MD, Member/R&E BOT
Mill Valley, CA

Janet E. Bailey, MD, Education Committee Member
Ann Arbor, MI

Emily M. Webb, MD, Grant Program Committee Member
San Francisco, CA

Mitchell D. Schnall, MD, PhD, Grant Expert
Philadelphia, PA

Katherine P. Andriole, PhD, Subject Matter Expert
Branford, CT

Mahesh M. Thapa, MD, Subject Matter Expert
Seattle, WA

Zhen J. Wang, MD, Subject Matter Expert
San Francisco, CA

Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD, R&E Foundation Liaison
San Francisco, CA

Keshia Osley , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL