Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CDEI)

The Committee shall survey RSNA activities and those of other organizations on issues affecting diversity, equity and inclusion in the radiology profession. The Committee will identify gaps and make recommendations to ensure that appropriate programs and tools are available to • Raise awareness and provide education on the importance of DEI of various attributes including but not limited to gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, country of origin, and physical ability in our profession; • Promote outreach, recruitment and mentorship for a diverse membership, especially students and trainees; • Identify resources for creating a diverse and inclusive culture, addressing unconscious bias, microaggressions and conflict resolution; • Provide a forum for safe and open discussion on how diversity, equity and inclusion processes are being implemented, nationally and internationally, and offer strategies to improve and sustain this endeavor; • Increase awareness and make recommendations to improve equity and address healthcare disparities for radiology care delivery; • Obtain feedback about effectiveness of Committee recommendations to address identified gaps It is not expected that the Committee will undertake program development on its own, but will ensure that RSNA offers programs that appropriately address diversity, equity and inclusion issues through the Annual Meeting and other RSNA activities and publications.

Maureen P. Kohi, MD, Chair
Chapel Hill, NC

Senta M. Berggruen, MD, Member
Shorewood, IL

Kathleen Brown, MD, Member
Los Angeles, CA

Gwendolyn M. Bryant-Smith, MD, Member
Little Rock, AR

Irene Dixe de Oliveira Santo, MD, Member
New Haven, CT

David S. Pryluck, MD, MBA, Member
Allentown, PA

Paul J. Rochon, MD, Member
Denver, CO

Courtney M. Tomblinson, MD, Member
Nashville, TN

Judy Yee, MD, Member
New York, NY

Charlotte J. Yong-Hing, MD, FRCPC, Member
Vancouver, BC canada

Jinel A. Scott, MD, Board Liaison
Brooklyn, NY

Karena Galvin , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL