Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging Editorial Board

Editorial board members begin as peer reviewers. Submitting your name for consideration will add you to a pool of candidates for peer reviewers. High performers will be considered for Editorial Board positions. The Editorial Board is responsible for assisting the Editor in Chief in the creation of a peer-reviewed journal providing the authoritative reference for the most current, clinically relevant, and highest quality research in the field of radiology. Member duties: reviewing manuscripts and preparing detailed comments for the Editor and the authors

Suhny Abbara, MD, Editor
Dallas, TX

Christopher J. Francois, MD, Deputy Editor
Rochester, MN

Jonathon A. Leipsic, MD, Deputy Editor/Cardiac CT
Vancouver, BC canada

Harold I. Litt, MD, PhD, Deputy Editor/Cardiac MRI
Philadelphia, PA

Seth J. Kligerman, MD, Deputy Editor/Pulmonary Imaging
San Diego, CA

Dominik Fleischmann, MD, Deputy Editor/Vascular Imaging
Palo Alto, CA

Prabhakar Rajiah, MD, FRCR, Associate Editor
Rochester, MN

Jadranka Stojanovska, MD, MS, Associate Editor
New York, NY

Jonathan Weir-McCall, FRCR, Associate Editor
Cambridge, united kingdom

Michael Markl, PhD, Associate Editor/4D Flow
Chicago, IL

Quynh Truong, MD, MPH, Associate Editor/Atherosclerotic Disease
New York, NY

Ron Blankstein, MD, Associate Editor/Cardiology CT
Boston, MA

Karen G. Ordovas, MD, MS, Associate Editor/Cardiovascular MRI
Seattle, WA

Cristina Fuss, MD, PhD, Associate Editor/DEI
Portland, OR

Charles S. White, MD, Associate Editor/Diagnostic Radiology
Reisterstown, MD

Mannudeep K. Kalra, MD, Associate Editor/Dual Energy/Spectral CT
Lexington, MA

Fernando U. Kay, MD, Associate Editor/Images/Case Reports/Essays
Farmers Branch, TX

Brett M. Elicker, MD, Associate Editor/Interstitial Lung Disease
San Francisco, CA

Tim Leiner, MD, PhD, Associate Editor/Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Rochester, MN

Jane P. Ko, MD, Associate Editor/Oncology
New York, NY

TBA, Associate Editor/Pulmonary Imaging
Oak Brook, IL

Diana Litmanovich, MD, Associate Editor/Pulmonary Imaging
Boston, MA

Praveen Ranganath, MD, Associate Editor/Social Media
Dallas, TX

Kate Hanneman, MD, MPH, Assoc Ed/TEB
Toronto, ON canada

Brett W. Carter, MD, Consultant to the Editor
Houston, TX

Sanjeeva P. Kalva, MD, MBBS, Consultant to the Editor
Boston, MA

Rozemarijn Vliegenthart, MD, PhD, Consultant to the Editor
Groningen, netherlands

Geoffrey D. Rubin, MBA, Senior Consultant to the Editor
Tucson, AZ

Sanjeev Bhalla, MD, Senior Consulting Editor
Saint Louis, MO

Jonathan H. Chung, MD, Senior Consulting Editor
Chicago, IL

Albert De Roos, MD, Senior Consulting Editor
Heemstede, netherlands

Jeanne B. Ackman, MD, BA, Member
Weston, MA

Prachi P. Agarwal, MD, Member
Ann Arbor, MI

Bradley D. Allen, MD, MS, Member
Evanston , IL

Dianna M. Bardo, MD, Member
Chicago, IL

Jens Bremerich, MD, Member
Basel, switzerland

Ricardo P. Budde, MD, PhD, Member
Rotterdam, netherlands

Julianna M. Czum, MD, Member
Baltimore, MD

Carlo N. De Cecco, MD, PhD, Member
Atlanta, GA

Marc Dewey, MD, Member
Berlin, germany

Karin E. Dill, MD, Member
Decatur , GA

Jonathan D. Dodd, MD, Member
Dublin 4, ireland

Matthias G. Friedrich, MD, Member
Montreal, QC canada

Brian B. Ghoshhajra, MD, MBA, Member
Boston, MA

Ritu R. Gill, MBBS, MPH, Member
Boston, MA

Matthias Gutberlet, MD, PhD, Member
Leipzig, Sachsen germany

Mark M. Hammer, MD, Member
Boston, MA

Lynne M. Hurwitz Koweek, MD, Member
Durham, NC

Kimberly G. Kallianos, MD, Member
San Rafael, CA

Sharyn I. Katz, MD, Member
Philadelphia, PA

Edward Y. Lee, MD, MPH, Member
Boston, MA

Rachna Madan, MD, MBBS, Member
Boston, MA

Sabee Y. Molloi, PhD, Member
Irvine, CA

Ed D. Nicol, MBBS, Member
London, united kingdom

Konstantin Nikolaou, MD, MBA, Member
Tuebingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg germany

Yoshiharu Ohno, MD, PhD, Member
Toyoake, Aichi japan

Prabhakar Rajiah, MD, FRCR, Member
Rochester, MN

Anna Rozenshtein, MD, MPH, Member
New York, NY

Cornelia M. Schaefer-Prokop, MD, Member
Amersfoort, netherlands

U. Joseph Schoepf, MD, Member
Charleston, SC

Jo-Anne O. Shepard, MD, Member
Boston, MA

Arthur E. Stillman, MD, PhD, Member
Atlanta, GA

Jadranka Stojanovska, MD, MS, Member
New York, NY

Dominika Sucha, MD, PhD, Member
Stanford, CA

Sina Tavakoli, MD, PhD, Member
Pittsburgh, PA

Daniel Vargas, MD, Member
Denver, CO

Jens Vogel-Claussen, MD, Member
Hannover, germany

Jonathan Weir-McCall, FRCR, Member
Cambridge, united kingdom

Michelle C. Williams, PhD, MBChB, Member
Kelso, united kingdom

Carol C. Wu, MD, Member
Houston, TX

Marianna Zagurovskaya, MD, Member
Carmel, IN

Kate Hanneman, MD, MPH, Lead Liaison/TEB
Toronto, ON canada

Ritu R. Gill, MBBS, MPH, TEB Mentor/Thoracic
Boston, MA

Daniel Vargas, MD, TEB Mentor
Denver, CO

Shady Abohashem, Member/Trainee Editorial Board
Boston, MA

Samer Alabed, MD, MSc, Member/Trainee Editorial Board
Sheffield, South Yorkshire united kingdom

Gilberto J. Aquino, MD, Member/Trainee Editorial Board
Syracuse, NY

Gaurav Gulsin, MD, Member/Trainee Editorial Board
Vancouver, BC canada

Suvai Gunasekaran, PhD, Member/Trainee Editorial Board
Chicago, IL

Gregory M. Lee, MD, Member/Trainee Editorial Board
Kansas City, MO

Maria Clara N. Lorca, MD, Member/Trainee Editorial Board
Pittsford, NY

Domenico Mastrodicasa, MD, Member/Trainee Editorial Board
Palo Alto, CA

James Roberts, MD, MSc, Member/Trainee Editorial Board
Vancouver, BC canada

Lingyi Wen, Jr, MD, Member/Trainee Editorial Board
610041, Sichuan china

Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Board Liaison
Williston, VT

Angela Colmone , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL