Machine Learning Steering Subcommittee

Responsible for prioritizing, coordinating, directing, and monitoring machine learning initiatives under the purview of the RIC. Member duties: participating in launch of RSNA machine learning challenges; assisting with writing white papers or manuscripts related to machine learning; advising RSNA staff on emerging technologies in artificial intelligence for medical imaging; providing direction and oversight of RSNA artificial intelligence activities

John Mongan, MD, PhD, Chair
San Francisco, CA

Katherine P. Andriole, PhD, Member
Branford, CT

Bradley J. Erickson, MD, PhD, Member
Rochester, MN

Adam E. Flanders, MD, Member
Philadelphia, PA

Vikas Gulani, MD, PhD, Member
Ann Arbor, MI

Safwan Halabi, MD, Member
Chicago, IL

Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, MS, PhD, Member
Charlestown, MA

Luciano M. Prevedello, MD, MPH, Member
Columbus, OH

George L. Shih, MD, Member
New York, NY

Tara A. Retson, MD, PhD, Member/Resident
San Diego, CA

Paul H. Yi, MD, Member/Resident
Baltimore, MD

Curtis P. Langlotz, MD, PhD, Board Liaison
Menlo Park, CA

Steve Drew , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL