Template Library Advisory Panel (TLAP)

Responsible for (a) providing expertise for the development of radiology reporting templates, both in terms of clinical content and technical formatting; (b) soliciting and developing reporting templates for inclusion in RSNA's report template library (www.RadReport.org); (c) reviewing templates submitted by RSNA members and members of collaborating societies (e.g. ESR) to the template library; and (d) annotating report templates in the select library with terms from RadLex and other ontologies.

Peter Mildenberger, MD, Chair
Mainz, germany

Ashley H. Aiken, MD, Member RSNA
Atlanta, GA

Olga R. Brook, MD, Member RSNA
Boston, MA

Steven C. Eberhardt, MD, Member RSNA
Albuquerque, NM

Marta E. Heilbrun, MD, MS, Structured Reporting Chair
Atlanta, GA

Bella Chamokova, MD, PhD, Member ESR
Moscow, russia

Laure S. Fournier, MD, PhD, Member ESR
Paris, france

Elmar C. Kotter, MD, MSc, Member ESR
Freiburg, germany

Mustafa Nasuh Ozmen, MD, Member ESR
Ankara, turkey

Curtis P. Langlotz, MD, PhD, Board Liaison
Menlo Park, CA

Chris Carr , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL