Regional Committee for Europe

Responsible for representing Europe and its interaction with RSNA by committee members serving as representatives from the region and providing direction on how RSNA can most effectively engage members in this area. Member duties: providing recommendations for potential speakers, moderators, thought leaders, and corporate partners in respective region; facilitating membership enrollment, retention, and subscriptions in respective region; assisting in coordinated outreach efforts; assisting RSNA with presence at local, national, or regional meetings; assisting with the development of international initiatives; reviewing submissions for the RSNA travel stipend program

Fatima Matute Teresa, MD, Chair
Madrid, Madrid spain

Marie-France Bellin, MD, Member
Le Kremlin-bicetre, france

Alexandra R. Borges, MD, Member
Lisbon, Lisbon portugal

Margaret A. Hall-Craggs, MD, FRCR, Member
London, united kingdom

Vibeke B. Logager, MD, Member
Herlev, denmark

Mathias Meyer, MD, Member
Hamburg, germany

Christian W. Pfirrmann, MD, MBA, Member
Forch, ZH switzerland

Oliver J. Sommer, MD, MBA, Member
Schwarzach im Pongau, austria

Jean-Paul M. Vallee, MD, PhD, Member
Geneve 14, switzerland

Federica Vernuccio, MD, Member
Palermo, PA italy

Sarah J. Vinnicombe, FRCR, MRCP, Member
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire united kingdom

Jin Yamamura, MD, PhD, Member
Berlin, germany

Masego C. Budka Mokotedi, MD, Member/Resident
Sluhy, Praha vychod czech republic

Alessia Guarnera, MD, Member/Resident
Rome, italy

Umar Mahmood, MD, PhD, Board Liaison
Winchester, MA

Meaghan Roche , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL