Regional Committee for Asia/Oceania

Responsible for representing Asia/Oceania and its interaction with RSNA by committee members serving as representatives from the region and providing direction on how RSNA can most effectively engage members in this area. Member duties: providing recommendations for potential speakers, moderators, thought leaders, and corporate partners in respective region; facilitating membership enrollment, retention, and subscriptions in respective region; assisting in coordinated outreach efforts; assisting RSNA with presence at local, national, or regional meetings; assisting with the development of international initiatives; reviewing submissions for the RSNA travel stipend program

Evelyn Lai Ming Ho, MBBS, MMed, Chair
Kuala Lumpur, malaysia

Swee T. Quek, FRCR, MBBS, Vice-Chair
Singapore, singapore

TBA, Member
Oak Brook, IL

Jung Min Chang, MD, Member
Seoul, korea, republic of

S. Murthy Chennapragada, MBBS,FRANZCR, Member
Sydney, NSW australia

Danny H. Cho, MBBS, Member
Kowloon, hong kong

Atin Goel, MBBS, Member
Syracuse, NY

Maria Lourdes B. Lacanilao, MD, Member
Quezon City, philippines

Whal Lee, MD, PhD, Member
Seoul, korea, republic of

C. C. Tchoyoson Lim, FRCR, MBBS, Member
Singapore, singapore

Yukio Miki, MD, PhD, Member
Osaka, japan

Hemant T. Patel, MD, Member
Ahmedabad, india

Nuttaya Pattamapaspong, MD, Member
Meung, Chiang Mai thailand

Satoru Takahashi, MD, PhD, Member
Suita, Osaka japan

Taryi Wint, MBBS, Member
Yangon, myanmar

Wei T. Yang, MD, FRCR, Member
Houston, TX

Umar Mahmood, MD, PhD, Board Liaison
Winchester, MA

Meredith McNeil , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL