Alexander R. Margulis Award for Scientific Excellence Nominating Committee

Responsible for nominating articles and providing a list of finalists to the Selection Committee for consideration.

David A. Bluemke, MD, PhD, Chair
Madison, WI

Bruce B. Forster, MD, Member
Vancouver, BC canada

David F. Kallmes, MD, Member
Rochester, MN

Susanna I. Lee, MD, PhD, Member
Boston, MA

Jeong Min Lee, MD, Member
Seoul, korea, republic of

Elizabeth A. Sadowski, MD, Member
Madison, WI

Harriet C. Thoeny, MD, Member
Bern, switzerland

Isabelle Trop, MD, MPH, Member
Montreal, QC canada

Linda Moy, MD, Senior Deputy Editor of Radiology
New York, NY

Miriam A. Bredella, MD, Deputy Editor of Radiology
Boston, MA

Birgit B. Ertl-Wagner, MD, Deputy Editor of Radiology
Toronto, ON canada

Kathryn J. Fowler, MD, Deputy Editor of Radiology
San Diego, CA

Vicky Joo-Lin Goh, MBBCh, Deputy Editor of Radiology
Chalfont St Giles, united kingdom

Christopher P. Hess, MD, PhD, Deputy Editor of Radiology
San Francisco, CA

Mark L. Schiebler, MD, Deputy Editor of Radiology
Madison, WI

Clifford R. Weiss, MD, Deputy Editor of Radiology
Baltimore, MD

Suhny Abbara, MD, Editor, RY Cardiothoracic
Dallas, TX

Charles E. Kahn Jr, MD, Editor, RY Artificial Intelligence
Philadelphia, PA

Gary D. Luker, MD, Editor, RY Imaging Cancer
Ann Arbor, MI

Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Board Liaison
Williston, VT

Angela Colmone , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL