Resident and Fellow Committee (RFC)

Responsible for (a) advising the RSNA Board on the need for and effectiveness of RSNA programs for members-in-training; (b) identifying, developing, and promoting relevant programming for RSNA members-in-training at the RSNA annual meeting through liaison relationships with the Scientific Program Committee, Refresher Course Committee, Education Exhibits Committee, Radiology Informatics Committee, and other committees as appropriate; (c) nominating interested members-in-training for consideration by the RSNA Board for appointment to RSNA committees; (d) providing input on resident/fellow resources on; (e) providing input on resources for residents attending the annual meeting (lodging, restaurants, transportation, viewing the exhibits, etc.); (f) providing input on social networking tools utilized by RSNA; (g) convening groups of trainees to discuss issues of common concern; (h) promoting and encouraging RSNA membership; (i) authoring relevant articles for RSNA publications/blogs; and (j) providing input on career development resources. Member duties: participating on at least one subcommittee is typically expected -- Communications Subcommittee, Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee, Medical Student Outreach Subcommittee, Program Subcommittee, RadioGraphics Subcommittee, Wellness Subcommittee

Heba Albasha, MD, Chair
Cambridge, MA

Brandon K.K. Fields, MD, Vice-Chair
San Francisco, CA

TBA, Member
Oak Brook, IL

Mussanna Ahmed, MD, Member
Brooklyn, NY

Joseph G. Ayoub, MD, MS, Member
Kansas City, MO

Maria Lucia Brun, MD, Member
Ottawa, ON canada

Philippe Cadieux, MD, Member
Montreal, QC canada

Jocelyn Cheng, MD, Member
South Easton, MA

Andrew Dakkak, MD, MBA, Member
Orlando, FL

Irene Dixe de Oliveira Santo, MD, Member
New Haven, CT

Tushar Garg, MD, Member
Boston, MA

Noor Khabazah, MD, Member
Latakia, syrian arab republic

Megan K. Mercer, MD, Member
Louisville, KY

Julia Niemierko, MD, Member
Gdansk, poland

Diego A. Santos Toesca, MD, Member
Phoenix, AZ

Chelsea R. Schmitt, MD, MPH, Member
Valrico, FL

Divya M. Surabhi, MD, MPH, Member
Oak Brook, IL

Aishwariya S. Vegunta, MD, Member
Madison, CT

George K. Vilanilam, MBBS, Member
Little Rock, AR

Janis Yee, MD, Member
Las Vegas, NV

Wenhui Zhou, MD, PhD, Member
Menlo Park, CA

Rylee Friel, BS, Member/Medical Student
Schererville, IN

Kiana Lebel, MD, Member CAR
Montreal, QC canada

Christopher P. Ho, MD, Faculty Advisor
Atlanta, GA

Christine M. Peterson, MD, Faculty Advisor
Hummelstown, PA

Fatima Elahi, DO, MS, ACR Liaison
Philadelphia, PA

Cynthia S. Santillan, MD, Board Liaison
San Diego, CA

Jacklyn Kelly , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL