Resident and Fellow Committee (RFC)

Responsible for (a) advising the RSNA Board on the need for and effectiveness of RSNA programs for members-in-training; (b) identifying, developing, and promoting relevant programming for RSNA members-in-training at the RSNA annual meeting through liaison relationships with the Scientific Program Committee, Refresher Course Committee, Education Exhibits Committee, Radiology Informatics Committee, and other committees as appropriate; (c) nominating interested members-in-training for consideration by the RSNA Board for appointment to RSNA committees; (d) providing input on resident/fellow resources on; (e) providing input on resources for residents attending the annual meeting (lodging, restaurants, transportation, viewing the exhibits, etc.); (f) providing input on social networking tools utilized by RSNA; (g) convening groups of trainees to discuss issues of common concern; (h) promoting and encouraging RSNA membership; (i) authoring relevant articles for RSNA publications/blogs; and (j) providing input on career development resources. Member duties: participating on at least one subcommittee is typically expected -- Communications Subcommittee, Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee, Medical Student Outreach Subcommittee, Program Subcommittee, RadioGraphics Subcommittee, Wellness Subcommittee

Courtney P. Raybon, MD, Chairman
Nashville, TN

Erik M. Velez, MD, Vice-Chairman
Los Angeles, CA

Cameron Adler, MD, Member
Phoenix, AZ

Ahmed M. Amer, MD, Member
Birmingham, AL

David H. Ballard, MD, Member
Saint Louis, MO

Christopher Dodard Calixte, MD, Member
Philadelphia, PA

Dania Daye, MD, PhD, Member
Medford, MA

Courtney B. Dey, MD, Member
Durham, NC

Linden B. Dixon III, MD, Member
Galveston, TX

Daryl T. Goldman, MD, Member
New York, NY

Tanner K. Jugler, MD, Member
Phoenix, AZ

Mary Ellen I. Koran, MD, PhD, Member
Stanford, CA

Danielle E. Kostrubiak, MD, Member
Williston, VT

Marcel C. Langenbach, MD, Member
Cologne, germany

Frances B. Lazarow, MD, Member
Virginia Beach, VA

Yasha Parikh Gupta, MD, Member
Cambridge, MA

Akash M. Patel, MD, Member
New Haven, CT

Kirang Patel, MD, Member
Kansas City, MO

Rupinder Penna, DO, Member
Seattle, WA

Casey Reed, MD, Member
Cincinnati, OH

Yayone Rivaud, MD, Member
Hellertown, PA

Karen Rodriguez, MD, Member
Boston, MA

Vibhor Wadhwa, MD, Member
New York, NY

Adam Swersky, MD, Member/Medical Student
Miami, FL

Baljot S. Chahal, MD, Member CAR
Edmonton, AB canada

Janet E. Bailey, MD, Faculty Advisor
Ann Arbor, MI

Donald J. Flemming, MD, Faculty Advisor
Hershey, PA

Jamaal Benjamin, MD, PhD, ACR Liaison
Philadelphia, PA

Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Board Liaison
Williston, VT

Betsy Lockett , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL