Education Committee

Responsible for developing a vision for the RSNA portfolio of education programs and products outside of the Annual Meeting and proposing an action plan for fulfilling that vision to the RSNA Board of Directors

Donald J. Flemming, MD, Chairman
Hershey, PA

Kelli J. Andresen, MD, Member
Kansas City, MO

Janet E. Bailey, MD, Member
Ann Arbor, MI

Sergio A. Criales Vera, MD, Member
Mexico, mexico

Kavi K. Devulapalli, MD, MPH, Member
Durham, NC

Liliane H. Gibbs, MD, Member
Anaheim, CA

Jay K. Pahade, MD, Member
Southport, CT

Taneya C. Shestopalova, MD, Member
Houston, TX

Priscilla J. Slanetz, MD, MPH, Member
Boston, MA

Jesus A. Contreras Jr, DO, MS, Member/Resident
Menifee, CA

Jonathan Masur, MD, Member/Resident
Philadelphia, PA

Matthew B. Morgan, MD, RIC Liaison
Sandy, UT

Ronald L. Arenson, MD, Member/R&E BOT
Mill Valley, CA

Harprit S. Bedi, MD, APDR Representative
Wellesley, MA

Prabhakar Rajiah, MD, FRCR, Content Advisory Panel Chairman
Dallas, TX

Robert G. Dixon, MD, RSNA/AAPM Physics TF Co-Chair
Chapel Hill, NC

Claudio Silva Fuente-Alba, MD, MSc, International Radiology Education Cmte Chairman
Santiago, chile

Matthew A. Mauro, MD, Board Liaison
Chapel Hill, NC

Lisa Cohen , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL