Reporting Informatics Subcommittee

Responsible for evaluating and developing reporting standards, processes, and tools that enable radiology information to be captured, stored, and presented in a clear, organized, and consistent format. Member duties: participating in the development, evaluation, and curation of RSNA structured reporting templates; advising RSNA staff regarding special projects with reporting vendors and demonstrations during the RSNA annual meeting

Marta E. Heilbrun, MD, MS, Chair
Murray, UT

Steven C. Eberhardt, MD, Member
Albuquerque, NM

Wende N. Gibbs, MD, MA, Member
Scottsdale, AZ

Shlomit Goldberg-Stein, MD, Member
Englewood , NJ

Martin L. Gunn, MBChB, Member
Auckland, new zealand

Mark D. Mamlouk, MD, Member
Santa Clara, CA

Peter Mildenberger, MD, Member
Mainz, germany

Alex Towbin, MD, Member
Cincinnati, OH

Charlotte Y. Chung, MD, PhD, Member/Resident
New York, NY

Teri M. Sippel Schmidt, MS, Vendor Liaison
Hartland, WI

Marc D. Kohli, MD, CDE Steering Committee Co-Chair
San Francisco, CA

Ross W. Filice, MD, RadLex Steering Chair
Washington, DC

Curtis P. Langlotz, MD, PhD, Board Liaison
Menlo Park, CA

Chris Carr , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL