Structured Reporting Subcommittee

Responsible for evaluating and developing reporting standards, processes, and tools that enable radiology information to be captured, stored, and presented in a clear, organized, and consistent format. Structured reporting can facilitate the tracking of finding attributes, such as size and location, and can prompt the radiologist to record necessary information. Radiology report data captured in structure form improves report readability, facilitates many radiology processes including order entry and automated billing, and supports the subsequent use and analysis of radiology information for research, quality improvement, and decision-support.

Marta E. Heilbrun, MD, Chairman
Atlanta, GA

Dhiraj Baruah, MD, Member
Troy, MI

Wende N. Gibbs, MD, Member
Scottsdale, AZ

Martin L. Gunn, MBChB, Member
Seattle, WA

Krishna Juluru, MD, Member
New York, NY

Mark D. Mamlouk, MD, Member
Dublin, CA

Peter Mildenberger, MD, Member
Mainz, germany

Jonathan S. Movson, MBChB, Member
Providence, RI

David M. Panicek, MD, Member
New York, NY

C. Douglas Phillips, MD, Member
New York, NY

Alex Towbin, MD, Member
Cincinnati, OH

Judy W. Gichoya, MBChB, MS, Member/Resident
Indianapolis, IN

Teri M. Sippel Schmidt, MS, Vendor Liaison
Hartland, WI

Marc D. Kohli, MD, CDE Steering Committee Co-Chair
San Francisco, CA

Kenneth C. Wang, MD, PhD, RadLex Steering Chairman
Ellicott City, MD

Curtis P. Langlotz, MD, PhD, Board Liaison
Menlo Park, CA

Steve Drew , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL