Education Study Section

Responsible for evaluating, scoring, and preparing written critiques for the Foundation's education grant applications. Study section review process is patterned after NIH grant review process.

Emily M. Webb, MD, Chair
San Francisco, CA

Stephen Chan, MD, Member
Closter, NJ

Hailey Choi, MD, Member
San Francisco, CA

Linda C. Chu, MD, Member
Lutherville, MD

Carolynn M. DeBenedectis, MD, Member
Natick, MA

Julia R. Fielding, MD, Member
Dallas, TX

Daniel W. Golden, MD, Member
Chicago, IL

Ariel E. Hirsch, MD, Member
Boston, MA

Susan K. Hobbs, MD, PhD, Member
Rochester, NY

Nadja Kadom, MD, Member
Atlanta, GA

Aaron P. Kamer, MD, Member
Indianapolis, IN

Aine M. Kelly, MD, Member
Decatur, GA

Michelle V. Lee, MD, Member
Saint Louis, MO

Deborah Levine, MD, Member
Boston, MA

Mariam Moshiri, MD, Member
Brentwood, WA

Brian F. Mullan, MD, MMed, Member
Madison, WI

Mark E. Mullins, MD, PhD, Member
Atlanta, GA

Refky Nicola, DO, Member
Pittsford, NY

Christopher M. Straus, MD, Member
Chicago, IL

Mahesh M. Thapa, MD, Member
Seattle, WA

Tarita O. Thomas, MD, PhD, Member
Chicago, IL

Emi J. Yoshida, MD, Member
San Francisco, CA

Mitchell D. Schnall, MD, PhD, R&E Foundation Liaison
Philadelphia, PA

Keshia Osley , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL