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RSNA Webinar - Beyond the worklist: Optimizing imaging workflow and creating equitable distribution among radiologists

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Title: Beyond the worklist: Optimizing imaging workflow and creating equitable distribution among radiologists

Date: October 26, 2020

Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Central


The workplace dynamics of radiology reading 'rooms' has changed. With remote reading, fluctuating imaging volumes, increased specialization, and competing SLAs, radiology departments can easily become overburdened, often with a backlog of unread exams. In this webinar, radiology leaders will discuss the challenges of managing workload distribution in an evolving healthcare reality and the strategies they've employed to tackle the issue and create better balance among radiologists.

Level of Content:
Basic to Intermediate

Primary Audience:
Radiologists and Residents

Secondary Audience:
Radiology trainees


  • Anjali Agrawal, MD, Staff Radiologist, Teleradiology Solutions


  • John Y. Kim, MD, MPH, Chief Technology Officer, Texas Radiology Associates, LLP
  • Gautam Agrawal, MD, M. Eng (Teleradiology), CIO and co-founder, Vision Radiology
  • Marla Sammer, MD, Pediatric Radiologist, Texas Children's Hospital, Associate Professor of Radiology, Baylor College

Viewing and participating in the live webinar is free to all.

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