Application to IHE International for Recognition as IHE National/Regional Committee

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) International is an organization that enables users and developers of information technology for healthcare to achieve interoperability of systems through the precise definition of healthcare tasks, the specification of standards-based communication between systems required to support those tasks and the testing of systems to determine that they conform to the specifications. The work is managed by IHE committees and sponsored by various national and international bodies, as described in the IHE Principles of Governance, available at

IHE National and Regional Deployment Committees are affiliates of IHE International, empowered by the IHE Board to conduct testing, demonstrations and other deployment activities within their geographic areas. National Deployment Committees operate as distinct organizations, developing their own governance rules and business models, but report to and participate in the IHE Board as described in the IHE Principles of Governance and adhere to the general principles expressed therein. Organizations participating in National Deployment Committees must be Member Organizations of IHE International and, like all IHE Member Organizations, are subject to the relevant provisions of the Principles of Governance, including the Intellectual Property Agreement.

Please complete and submit this online application form. Send the final declaration page, with authorized signature, via email, post or fax to:

IHE International Board Secretariat
c/o RSNA
Informatics Department
820 Jorie Blvd.
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Fax: 1.630.590.7751

The IHE International Board shall review each application submitted and notify the primary contact regarding approval or rejection of the application within 60 days.