Regional Committee for Asia/Oceania

Responsible for representing Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands and their interaction with RSNA, with specific responsibilities to: (a) provide recommendations for potential committee appointments, speakers, moderators, thought leaders, and corporate partners in respective regions; (b) work with CIRE to identify members to serve as international visiting professors in their respective regions, and identify areas in the region where IVP’s are needed; (c) recommend “Country Presents” programming and assist with promotion and attendance at the Annual Meeting; (d) consider coordinated regional grant programs through the Research & Education Foundation; (e) facilitate membership enrollment, retention, and subscriptions in their respective regions; (f) assist in coordinated outreach efforts; (g) assist in development of International Trends session at the Annual Meeting; (h) assist RSNA with presence at local, national, or regional meetings; (i) provide input on the impact of RSNA products and services offered to radiologists within their region; and (j) assist with the development of international initiatives. It should be noted that regions may focus on different parts of the charge based on the skills and expertise of that region.

Byung Ihn Choi, MD, PhD, Chairman
Seoul, . korea, republic of

TBA, Member
Oak Brook, IL

Chi Wai S. Cheung, MBBS, Member
Hong Kong, Hong Kong hong kong

Stacy K. Goergen, MBBS, Member
Clayton, VIC australia

Lizbeth Kenny, MD, FRANZCR, Member
Brookfield, QLD australia

Jeong Min Lee, MD, Member
Seoul, korea, republic of

Jongmin J. Lee, MD, PhD, Member
Daegu, Daegu korea, republic of

Seung-Koo Lee, MD, PhD, Member
Seoul, Seoul korea, republic of

Takamichi Murakami, MD, PhD, Member
Osaka, japan

Uei Pua, MBBS, FRCR, Member
Singapore, singapore

Raju Sharma, MD, Member
New Delhi, Delhi india

Tiffany T. Shih, MD, Member
Taipei, Taiwan taiwan

Satoru Takahashi, MD, Member
Suita, Osaka japan

Huadan Xue, MD, Member
Beijing, china

Kei Yamada, MD, Member
Kyoto, japan

Sridhar Devu, DMRD, FRCR, Member/Resident
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh india

James P. Borgstede, MD, Board Liaison
Colorado Springs, CO

Kate Emshoff , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL