Corporate Giving Subcommittee

Responsible for development and oversight of the Foundation's corporate giving programs. Assist staff in the identification of corporations for potential participation in Foundation programs. Monitor industry trends and recommend alignment of programs and strategies accordingly, Meet with corporate donors during the Annual Meeting and possibly visit corporations at their offices.

Laurie L. Fajardo, MD, MBA, Chairman
Iowa City, IA

Reginald F. Munden, MD, DMD, Vice-Chairman
Houston, TX

David E. Avrin, MD, PhD, Member
San Francisco, CA

Alton W. Baker, MD, Member
Birmingham, AL

William G. Bradley Jr, MD, PhD, Member
San Diego, CA

Luther W. Brady Jr, MD, Member
Philadelphia, PA

Diego R. Martin, MD, PhD, Member
Tucson, AZ

Elizabeth G. McFarland, MD, Member
Chesterfield, MO

Richard L. Morin, PhD, Member
Jacksonville, FL

Roy Riascos, MD, Member
Houston, TX

Neil M. Rofsky, MD, Member
Dallas, TX

Geoffrey D. Rubin, MD, Member
Durham, NC

Ronald B. Schilling, PhD, Member
Los Altos Hills, CA

Arthur E. Stillman, MD, PhD, Member
Atlanta, GA

Richard D. White, MD, R&E Foundation Liaison
Columbus, OH

Liten DeNaut , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL